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Shop by look - a new feature of Jahamota Jewelry and a highlight for all Instagram lovers! Instagram is the most popular social media network for fashion and trends. What if you could shop from Instagram and all Instagram posts would forward you to your favorite products? You would never have to spend hours looking for products that you´ve discovered in your Instagram feed and absolutely want to buy! We have revolutionized Onlineshopping for you! Shop all bracelets directly from the wrist of our models and become a part of the luxurious Jahamota Lifestyle. We show you how it works!

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Shop by look - How it works

Have you ever heard of Shop by look? Then it is high time now. This brand new feature has a lot to offer: Are you looking for luxurious jewelry from Jahamota? Follow now us on Instagram and be inspired by the latest jewelry creations. Have you discovered a product that you have particularly liked, but do not have time to search the entire shop? Just go to and take advantage of Shop by look quickly, easy and comfortably! On this page you will find all Instagram-Posts of Jahamota Jewelry. Click on your favorite picture and see which products were used for the shoot. These are marked in the picture and lead you directly to the product in the shop. Easy and saves time!